Marius M. Balas

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The paper is reviewing the new trends of the image sensing, the Super CCDs and the Backlit CMOS. One proposes a new HDR fuzzy-interpolative algorithm that can extend the dynamic range of a still Backlit CMOS image in the Super CCD SR manner: the fusion of two images, the first one with a normal exposure and the other underexposed.
The paper presents a review of the bronze casting methods: the traditional casting in loam or sand molds, issuing high quality products thanks to the slow cooling rate that produces a favorable granularity and the modern precise, fast and cheap casting. We propose a new coated casting method. Coating/uncoating the cooling casting with few flexible(More)
We are living in a great Greenhouse: our planet, the Earth. This sustainable system is almost closed, except the radiative energy received from the Sun. Understanding and respecting its principles is the only guaranty for a safe future of our species. The Greenhouse effect is a process by which a part of the incident solar energy is trapped by the lower(More)
The paper is synthesizing some research results on the energetic passive greenhouses, that are independent of any conventional infrastructure. These greenhouses constitute a fundamental sustainable agricultural resource and offer us an opportunity for a global scale ecological reconstruction. We present the passive greenhouse structure, which has as main(More)
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