Marius Klytta

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This paper deals with the implementation of a new solution for a three-phase AC transformer with electromagnetic and electric coupling (hybrid coupling). The electromagnetic coupling is realized by means of the conventional three-phase transformer (TR) with two secondary windings in each phase. The electrical coupling is realized by means of a matrix(More)
This paper deals with a three-phase power system with hybrid transformer (HT). The HT contains a conventional transformer with electromagnetic coupling and PWM AC line chopper integrated with the secondary windings through an electric coupling. The HT uses a three-phase Yy connected transformer with additional secondary windings and three-phase PWM AC line(More)
The paper presents study of a drive system with matrix converter fed permanent magnet synchronous motor. In the control system is implemented a rotor-oriented vector control and a space vector modulation of output currents. The system simulation, experimental test results and comparison of both are presented. The main aim is to show a drive system with a(More)
The paper presents the study of a process's calculation in circuits with incommensurable frequencies. In such circuits the analysis of processes is realized by the use of an additional independent variable. Definitions of RMS currents, voltages and active power are introduced on the base of double integrals. Calculations of an active power in circuits with(More)
This paper deals with AC drive system with frequency converter (FC) without DC storage. It contains description of operation, modelling and simulation test results of the AC drive system fed by current source matrix converter (CSMC) using model predictive control (MPC). Predictive model of the system with models of the CSMC, load and input circuits are(More)
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