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During his work, an 18-year-old carpenter-in-training overbalanced and shot himself in the left median thorax with a nail gun. The patient was delivered to our thoracic surgery unit with a tentative diagnosis of penetrating lung trauma. An emergent computed tomogram showed a heart-penetrating nail injury. The patient was taken to the operating room, where(More)
Due to an adenocarcinoma of the right upper lobe with infiltration of the main bronchus a 49-years-old female patient underwent an upper bilobectomy with sleeve resection. After two completed chemotherapy bouts and signs of sepsis another thoracotomy was inevitable.  As a complicating factor a supracarinal, necrotic and perforating lesion of the trachea(More)
Aneurysms of the pulmonary artery are very rare pathological vascular conditions. Peripheral pulmonary aneurysms have been reported only in a few cases. The causes of these aneurysms include extensive degenerative changes, traumas, infection and congenital malformations. Because of the imminent danger of rupture, surgical treatment should always be(More)
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