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This analysis of the tools and methods currently in use for reporting woody biomass availability in 21 European countries has shown that most countries use, or are developing, National Forest Inventory-oriented models whereas the others use standwise forest inventory--oriented methods. Knowledge of realistic and sustainable wood availability in Europe is(More)
Time series analysis is an important topic both for teaching statistics and research. The time series approach is used to predict future values based on the history of past values. Previous results in time series analysis methodologies, relevant applications and software development for time series analysis motivate us to promote a recently developed(More)
A Laccase-based biosensor for the determination of phenolic compounds was developed by using Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation as an innovative enzyme immobilization technique. and the deriving biosensor was characterized and applied for the first time. Laccase was immobilized onto different substrates including screen printed carbon electrodes and(More)
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