Marius Cristian Neamţu

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Complex coordinated contractions of the tubal musculature are thought to be important for movement of the ovum from the distal end to the proximal end of the tube, while at the same time aiding in the movement of sperm from the proximal end to the distal end of the oviduct. Studies of the anatomy and the physiology of the uterine-tubal junction (UTJ), with(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of this research is to present the results of neuromuscular assessment using tensiomyography (TMG) in multiple sclerosis for prediction the muscle changes. This study consists of 20 patients, selected conform to certain criteria. Thus, according to diagnosis and MS level, the studied group was divided into two subgroups: subgroup A,(More)
Dedifferentiation is a process that may be found in metastasis from the neuroendocrine tumors. We present the case of a female within the seventh decade of life incidentally diagnosed with a mature teratoma with element of cartilages, bronchia, mucinous glands, and a poorly differentiated neuroendocrine carcinoma (Ki67 of 30%). After six months of(More)
Previous studies have shown that hematological alterations are a common finding in patients with diabetes. The aim of our study was to estimate the prevalence of the red cell morphology changes in diabetic patients and their correlation with markers of glycemic control. Thirty patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus were recruited for this study. Patient(More)
The study aimed to assess the short-term effects exerted by two inorganic arsenic species (arsenite and arsenate) on Artemia salina after 24, 48 and 72 h. The dose-lethality curves obtained indicate that the lethality induced by arsenite was higher than by arsenate. The lowest observed effect concentration for arsenite (0.5 μg/mL) is similar with the no(More)
Thyroid metastasis is atypical. We present a 70-year-old female case that was first diagnosed as gastric cancer after surgical approach. Two years later a thyroidectomy was performed and the immunohistochemistry (IHC) profile revealed a neuroendocrine tumor (NET): poorly differentiated neuroendocrine carcinoma (with small cells), with positive reaction for(More)
The neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) have an increased incidence related to the age. Secondary osteoporosis might be found in patients with bone metastases and in those with NETs associated Cushing's disease or primary hyperparathyroidism. Primary osteoporosis might be found in postmenopausal women, but in case with non-metastatic NET as G1 NET it is difficult(More)
Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) family is made up of two polypeptides, IGF-I and IGF-II, six specific binding proteins (IGFBPs 1-6) and specific receptors. IGF-I is involved in the regulation of growth and cellular proliferation and has a similar structure to insulin. The major IGF transport function is attributed to IGFBP-3. Some studies have highlighted(More)
The purpose of our research is to develop a model of cancellous bone that would allow us to forecast the changes in this structure under various mechanical forces and to simulate the dynamics of the cancellous bone behavior under these circumstances. At the same time, the suggested model will allow the measurement of the tension/forces applied onto the bone(More)
UNLABELLED The study presents the case of a patient with progressive multiple sclerosis in relapses (PPMS) and proposes a comprehensive neuromuscular and biomechanical evaluation in order to achieve a predictive picture of gait evolution and balance disorders with disease progression. PATIENT AND METHODS The evaluation included: clinical, functional and(More)