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Non maximal cyclically monotone graphs and construction of a bipotential for the Coulomb's dry friction law
We show a surprising connexion between a property of the inf convolution of a family of convex lower semicontinuous functions and the fact that the intersection of maximal cyclically monotone graphsExpand
Energy Minimizing Brittle Crack Propagation
We propose a minimizing movement model for quasi-static brittle crack evolution. Cracks (fissures) appear and/or grow without any prescription of their shape or location when time-dependentExpand
Chemlambda, universality and self-multiplication
Chemlambda (or the chemical concrete machine), an artificial chemistry with the following properties: is Turing complete, has a model of decentralized, distributed computing associated to it, and encodes information in the geometrical structure of the molecules and not in their numbers. Expand
Braided spaces with dilations and sub-riemannian symmetric spaces
Braided sets which are also spaces with dilations are presented and explored in this paper, in the general frame of emergent algebras arxiv:0907.1520. Examples of such spaces are the sub-riemannianExpand
Computing with space: a tangle formalism for chora and difference
Here, inspired by Bateson, the point of view that there is no difference between the map and the territory, but instead the transformation of one into another can be understood by using a formalism of tangle diagrams is explored. Expand
Existence and construction of bipotentials for graphs of multivalued laws
This is a first paper in convex analysis dedicated to the bipotential theory, based on an extension of Fenchel's inequality. Introduced by the second author, bipotentials lead to a succesful newExpand
Four applications of majorization to convexity in the calculus of variations
Abstract The resemblance between the Horn–Thompson theorem and a recent theorem by Dacorogna–Marcellini–Tanteri indicates that Schur-convexity and the majorization relation are relevant forExpand
Blurred maximal cyclically monotone sets and bipotentials
Let X be a reflexive Banach space and Y its dual. In this paper we find necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a bipotential for a blurred maximal cyclically monotone graph.Expand
Blurred Constitutive Laws and Bipotential Convex Covers
In many practical situations, uncertainties affect the mechanical behavior that is given by a family of graphs instead of a single graph. In this paper, we show how the bipotential method is able toExpand
A symplectic Brezis–Ekeland–Nayroles principle
We propose a modification of the Hamiltonian formalism which can be used for dissipative systems. This work continues a previous work on Hamiltonian inclusions and advances by the introduction of aExpand