Maritsa Solano

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This study was conducted to assess the risk of enteric diseases among children living in a water reclamation area in Mexico City. A geographic information system was used to define eligible wells and surrounding homesteads. Sixty-five water samples from five wells were tested for fecal coliform bacteria per 100 mL (FC/100 mL) during visits to 750 eligible(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the headache prevalence like main reason of consultation, primary and secondary headaches and alarm signs in Emergency Service. PATIENTS AND METHODS It was carried out a serial sampling in the Emergency Service of the Clinica Los Comuneros in Bucaramanga, since the 6th to 15th December of 2002, including all patients older than 18(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize antinuclear antibody (ANA) prevalence according to distinct assay methodologies in a pediatric cohort from Mexico City, and to further examine associations with age and sex. METHODS Serum ANA were measured by indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA) and multiplex immunoassay in 114 children aged 9-17 years. IFA was considered(More)
Functional hemispherectomy was reported in 1983 for the treatment of catastrophic refractory epilepsies in order to reduce the complications derived by the anatomical hemispherectomy. A series of variants of the functional hemisphectomy have been reported. They include peri-insular hemispherectomy, modified lateral hemispherectomy, vertical parasagital(More)
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