Marita Mehlstäubl

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A tetrametallic iridium-ytterbium complex has been synthesised that shows sensitized near-infrared emission (lambda(max) = 976 nm) upon excitation of the iridium unit in the visible region (400 nm) due to efficient energy transfer from the iridium units to the Yb(III) ion. The iridium phosphorescence is quenched nearly quantitatively while the ytterbium ion(More)
Carbonylation of Na2PtCl6.6H2O, as well as K2PtCl6, in water under a CO pressure of 900 mm Hg selectively and quantitatively affords [Pt3n(CO)6n]2- (n > 6) salts; conversely, their corresponding carbonylation at reduced CO pressure of 760-800 mm Hg leads to a convenient one-step synthesis of [Pt38(CO)44]2-.
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