Marita G. Valerio

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Transfection of normal human bronchial epithelial (NHBE) cells with a plasmid carrying the ras oncogene of Harvey murine sarcoma virus (v-Ha ras) changed the growth requirements, terminal differentiation, and tumorigenicity of the recipient cells. One of the cell lines isolated after transfection (TBE-1) was studied extensively and shown to contain v-Ha ras(More)
brary introduced the webliography service in school year 2005-2006. Initially, the webliographies functioned as electronic bibliographies of web sites, web pages and web documents supplementing the resources available in the library on particular subjects or topics. After some time, the webliography service was expanded to include DLSU faculty publications(More)
4 The team recommended a vigorous program to fill the gaps in the book collection as reported in the recent assessment and to continually update the Reference and General Collections. The team further endorsed a comprehensive acquisition program for the Filipiniana collection, and efforts for the library to be represented in the University Academic Council(More)
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