Marita C. Jenkins

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AIMS 16S rDNA sequences of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato were aligned with the 16S rDNA sequences of Borrelia hermsii, Borrelia turicatae, and Borrelia lonestari in order to identify primers that might be used to more specifically identify agents of human Lyme disease in ticks in human skin samples. METHODS AND RESULTS Standard polymerase chain reaction(More)
Gene expression changes resulting from conditions such as disease, environmental stimuli, and drug use, can be monitored in the blood. However, a less invasive method of sample collection is of interest because of the discomfort and specialized personnel necessary for blood sampling especially if multiple samples are being collected. Buccal mucosa cells are(More)
Thanks very much for the opportunity to revise manuscript #1752528092332769. I address below the specific major revisions requested by the editorial production team. 1. Authors' contributions: A statement that all authors have read and approved the final manuscript has been added in the Authors' contribution section. 2. Tables: I have removed the color from(More)
Engineering is the application of scientific and technical knowledge to solve human problems. Using imagination, judgment, and reasoning to apply science, technology, mathematics, and practical experience, engineers develop the design, production, and operation of useful objects or processes. During the 1940s, engineers dominated the ranks of CDC(More)
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