Marit Skogstad

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The aims were to assess the impact of a total smoking ban on the level of airborne contaminants and the urinary cotinine levels in the employees in bars and restaurants. In a follow up design, 13 bars and restaurants were visited before and after the implementation of a smoking ban. Ninety-three employees in the establishments were initially included into(More)
Cement dust exposure has previously been associated with airway symptoms and ventilatory impairment. The aim of the present study was to examine lung function and airway symptoms among employees in different jobs and at different levels of exposure to thoracic dust in the cement production industry. At the start of a 4-yr prospective cohort study in 2007,(More)
In this population-based case-control study we explored the association of antiphospholipid antibodies with pregnancy-related venous thrombosis. From 1990 through 2003 615 pregnant women were identified at 18 hospitals in Norway with a diagnosis of first time VT. In 2006, 531 of 559 eligible cases and 1092 of 1229 eligible controls were invited for further(More)
OBJECTIVE To study possible cross shift effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) on pulmonary function among bar and restaurant employees before and after the implementation of a smoking ban in Norway. METHODS The study included 93 subjects employed in 13 different establishments in Oslo. They were examined at the beginning and end of a workshift both(More)
We studied pulmonary and auditory function in a cross-sectional study of 26 experienced construction divers compared with 26 workshop workers matched for age, height, and smoking habits. The divers used air as breathing gas and performed open-sea bounce dives to a maximum of 50 m in sea water. The mean number of dives over a mean diving period of 20 yr (SD(More)
We have studied pulmonary function before and 2 h after open sea dives to 10 and 50 m and 24 h after the dive to 10 m. Nine trainee divers participated in the dive to 10 m and 17 in the dive to 50 m. Mean time in water was 53 (32-62) min for the 10-m dive and 38 (26-76) min for the 50-m dive. Assessment of lung function included dynamic lung volumes and(More)
BACKGROUND This study examines the possible effect of exposure to aerosols and gases on lung function in a fertilizer plant in Norway. METHODS Dynamic lung volumes (FVC and FEV1) of 383 workers were measured in 2007 and 2010. During the follow-up period, most workers performed tasks with low exposure levels of acid aerosols and inorganic gases. The(More)
Extrathoracic airways obstruction and scuba diving may induce pulmonary edema, probably because of increased hydrostatic transmural capillary pressure in the lung. This study was designed to examine the subacute pulmonary effects of the combined exposure to inspiratory resistive loading and immersion, as in scuba diving. Two groups each of eight healthy men(More)
BACKGROUND Work-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an important condition encountered by many occupational health practitioners. AIMS To carry out an in-depth review of the research on occupational groups that are at particular risk of developing work-related PTSD. METHODS A literature search was conducted in the databases OVID MEDLINE,(More)
BACKGROUND While the health benefits of physical activity are well established, little is known about health effects of physical activity programs initiated by employer. METHODS Background data and level of physical activity were collected by questionnaire among 78 men and 43 women working in road maintenance pre and post an 8-week physical activity(More)