Marit Simma

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OBJECTIVE To develop a feasible, valid, reliable web-based instrument to objectively evaluate school meal quality in Swedish primary schools. DESIGN The construct 'school meal quality' was operationalized by an expert panel into six domains, one of which was nutritional quality. An instrument was drafted and pilot-tested. Face validity was evaluated by(More)
BACKGROUND Tuberculosis (TB) is a curable disease. Nevertheless, patients in Germany also die of TB. Although mortality is decreasing, there are indications for an increase in lethality. This observation provided the impetus for a detailed analysis that sought to investigate the validity of the statistics on deaths caused by TB. METHOD The study(More)
In some cases of congestive heart failure interlobar encysted pleural effusion may appear on X-ray film like a mass or tumor, and is therefore called phantom tumor or pseudo-tumor. This is a report on a 56-year old man who came to hospital admission with an assumed fungal pneumonia. The X-ray film showed a mass-like configuration in the right lung. In(More)
On the basis of macro- and microscopic findings of the organs and placentas of 574 perinatally deceased children questionnaires were conceived. They should complement already running peri- and neonatal surveys. In considering also clinical data a primary cause of death was attempted to define with each of 326 cases of whom 51% had died before birth, 4% sub(More)
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