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Carbon nanotubes (CNT) represent a great promise for technological and industrial development but serious concerns on their health effects have also emerged. Rod-shaped CNT are, in fact, able to induce asbestos-like pathogenicity in mice including granuloma formation in abdominal cavity and sub-pleural fibrosis. Exposure to CNT, especially in the(More)
Metal oxide nanoparticles such as ZnO are used in sunscreens as they improve their optical properties against the UV-light that causes dermal damage and skin cancer. However, the hazardous properties of the particles used as UV-filters in the sunscreens and applied to the skin have remained uncharacterized. Here we investigated whether different sized ZnO(More)
dissertationes scholae doctoralis ad sanitatem investigandam universitatis helsinkiensis To be presented for public examination with the permission of the Faculty of We animals are the most complicated and perfectly-designed pieces of machinery in the known universe. It is hard to see why anyone studies anything else. exposure to silica coated TiO 2(More)
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