Marissa Treinen

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The credibility of web sites is becoming an increasingly important area to understand. To expand knowledge in this domain, we conducted an online study that investigated how different elements of Web sites affect people's perception of credibility. Over 1400 people participated in this study, both from the U.S. and Europe, evaluating 51 different Web site(More)
We conducted an online survey about Web credibility, which included over 1400 participants. People reported that Web site credibility increases when the site conveys a real-world presence, is easy to use, and is updated often. People reported that a Web site loses credibility when it has errors, technical problems, or distracting advertisements. Our study(More)
Disclosure of personal information is valuable to individuals, governments, and corporations. This experiment explores the role interface design plays in maximizing disclosure. Participants (N = 100) were asked to disclose personal information to a telephone-based speech user interface (SUI) in a 3 (recorded speech vs. synthesized speech vs. text-based(More)
When a single company develops multiple software applications, it can be very challengingóor downright impossibleóto create a consistent cross-product user experience: a designer may forget to follow an existing implementation, an engineer might not have an eye for layout, and a quality assurance person may have no clue what to test.To minimize(More)
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