Marissa Fernanda Juárez-Franco

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We evaluated the effect of 3 sublethal concentrations of Cd (as CdCl(2), 209.50, 104.75 and 52.38 microg/L) and Zn (as ZnCl(2), 283.88, 141.94 and 70.97 microg/L) separately and together on the population growth of the common Mexican brachionid rotifer Brachionus havanaensis using 1 x 10(6) cells/mL of Chlorella vulgaris as the algal diet. The LC(50) (24-h(More)
In Mexico, the use of repellents to prevent insects from landing and biting is a common practice. However, variation in the efficiency of natural and synthetic repellents has been observed. In this study, we evaluated the repellency and protection time of 16 synthetic and 13 natural-based commercial products against Aedes aegypti (L.) from an endemic dengue(More)
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