Marissa D Evans

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OBJECTIVE To obtain intersession estimates of error for temporal and distance (TD) parameters of gait in a sample of stroke patients undertaking inpatient rehabilitation. DESIGN Thirty-one stroke patients were measured with an instrumented footswitch system (after a median of 46 days poststroke; interquartile range = 26 to 63) walking over a 10-meter(More)
The trefoil factor family (TFF) peptides are important in gastro-intestinal mucosal protection and repair. Their mechanism of action remains unclear and receptors are sought. We aimed to identify and characterise proteins binding to TFF2. A fusion protein of mouse TFF2 with alkaline phosphatase was generated and used to probe 2-D protein blots of mouse(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effects of handpiece lubrication on the bond strengths of resin-based composite (RBC) to enamel using two different bonding systems. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty extracted noncarious human maxillary incisors were imbedded in acrylic resin tray material with the facial surfaces exposed. 320 grit sandpaper was used to create a flat(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the mechanical properties of articulations and diagonals in an 8-pin type 1b external skeletal fixator (ESF). STUDY DESIGN Finite element method-computer simulation. METHODS The control type 1b ESF was supplemented with different articulations and diagonals. The parameters of frame angle, articulation diameter, and pin- or(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the validity of finite element analysis (FEA) as a means of examining biomechanical properties of the Kirschner-Ehmer external skeletal fixation system. SAMPLE POPULATION 10 paired tibiae harvested from skeletally mature dogs weighing between 30 and 38 kg immediately following euthanasia for reasons unrelated to musculoskeletal(More)
This work is focused on developing a fast gas chromatograph, time-of-flight mass spectrometer (GC/TOFMS) for man-portable field use. The goal is to achieve a total system solution for meeting performance, size, weight, power, cost, and ruggedness requirements for a laboratory in the field. The core technology will also be adaptable to specific applications(More)
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