Marissa Bidabe

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This study compared three methods of dissociation of breast lesions for DNA flow cytometry. Eleven benign lesions and 66 cancers were dissociated using mechanical, Ficoll, or enzymatic methods. DNA flow analysis showed that the DNA index did not vary from one method of dissociation to another. All benign lesions were diploid and 67% of all cancers were(More)
The large number of experimentally determined molecular structures has led to the development of a new semiotic system in the life sciences, with increasing use of accurate molecular representations. To determine how this change impacts students' learning, we incorporated image tests into our introductory cell biology course. Groups of students used a(More)
A sub-urethral tumour presenting the architecture of a fibroadenoma and of which the tubular structures were lined with a transitional type epithelium, was described under the term of fibroadenoma of the para-urethral glands. The immunohistochemical study described contributes to bring supplementary arguments in favour of this hypothesis, in showing the(More)
Breast carcinoma with multinucleated reactive stromal giant cells is a rare histological type. The number of published cases, to which we add two new cases, is too small for it to be possible to reach a conclusion as to whether this type of complaint, for which the authors put forward morphological criteria, should or should not be considered as an(More)
A eighty year old woman was admitted with "metrorrhagia". Clinical examination founded a nodule in the urethro-vaginal septum. Tumor was easily removed by approach through the anterior vaginal wall and was 2 cms in size. The patient is well since 18 months. Histological study showed a proliferation of ducts surrounded by connective tissue, just like in a(More)
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