Marisol Sánchez-García

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Plant pathogenic fungi are a large and diverse assemblage of eukaryotes with substantial impacts on natural ecosystems and human endeavours. These taxa often have complex and poorly understood life cycles, lack observable, discriminatory morphological characters, and may not be amenable to in vitro culturing. As a result, species identification is(More)
This paper presents a novel feature extraction method using the combination of the Coordinate Logic Filters (CLF) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) applied to 2D signals (Images). The method consists of image enhancement by histogram adaptive equalization technique, features extraction by modifying gray levels applying a nonlinear adaptive transformation(More)
In this paper a method to extract and build patterns to model microcalcifications from digitized mammography is presented. The proposed method consist in a combination of two steps, in the first one, a feature extraction method is applied using multiscale wavelet image processing, and is combined with a Self Organizing Neural Network to solve the(More)
Environmental sequencing regularly recovers fungi that cannot be classified to any meaningful taxonomic level beyond " Fungi ". There are several examples where evidence of such lineages has been sitting in public sequence databases for up to ten years before receiving scientific attention and formal recognition. In order to highlight these unidentified(More)
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