Marisol Rodriguez

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The association of enumeration and number comparison capacities with arithmetical competence was examined in a large sample of children from 2nd to 9th grades. It was found that efficiency on numerical capacities predicted separately more than 25% of the variance in the individual differences on a timed arithmetical test, and this occurred for both younger(More)
Evidence suggests that ceramide, generated from a distinct subcellular pool of sphingomyelin (SM) by the action of sphingomyelinases, may be used by cells to propagate apoptotic signals in response to a variety of cytotoxic agents. Since most tumor cells have altered lipid metabolism, it is possible that the intracellular pool of SM used for signaling is(More)
The 1998 Spanish reform of the Personal Income Tax eliminated the 15% deduction for private medical expenditures including payments on private health insurance (PHI) policies. To avoid an undesired increase in the demand for publicly funded health care, tax incentives to buy PHI were not completely removed but basically shifted from individual to group(More)
This paper sheds light into the investigation of differential patterns of utilisation of physician services by populations subgroups that is emerging in a number of studies. Using Spanish data from the National Health Survey of 1997 we try to explain the distinct role of the type of insurance on the choice between specialists and GPs and its intertwining(More)
Using national data and the most recent OECD figures, we provide an updated assessment of the Spanish health care system and its reforms. We compare figures from Spain with other major industrialized nations and find that the Spanish system appears macro-economically efficient and equitable. However, like many other countries in Europe and elsewhere, the(More)
Introduction: Every year, more than 10 million women are diagnosed worldwide with breast cancer. Breast cancer remains the leading cause of death from malignancy in women. In Mexico about 12 Mexican women die every day from this disease. Glutathione S-transferase (GST) family consists of a group of isoenzymes involved in Phase II detoxification of(More)
Cells in human tumor xenografts express similar levels of angiogenic growth factors before treatment. After radioimmunotherapy (RAIT) surviving tumor cells upregulate angiogenic growth factors, including placenta growth factor (PlGF), in a tumor-specific pattern. To determine the role of post-treatment PlGF expression on blood vessel recovery, tumor(More)
Several reports have appeared on the use of combined radioimmunotherapy (RAIT) and chemotherapy. The choice of drug to use with RAIT and how to space the two treatments has not been completely addressed. Because every patient's cancer presents with a specific molecular phenotype, we hypothesized that it may be necessary to tailor therapy based on specific(More)
The probability of acquiring a permanent disability is partly determined by working and contractual conditions, particularly exposure to job risks. We postulate a model in which this impact is mediated by the choice of occupation, with a level of risk associated with it. We assume this choice is endogenous and that it depends on preferences and(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the contribution of working conditions to permanent disability status in the immigrant and native-born populations in Spain by investigating the extent to which these two groups differ in terms of exposure to adverse working conditions and the impact of these conditions on disability status. METHODS We used a dataset containing ample(More)