Marisol Castano

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1. Diets containing a freeze-dried tannin extract from faba beans (Vicia faba L.) at concentrations of 0, 8 and 16 g/kg were fed to growing chicks and rats. 2. Chicks fed on the tannin-containing diets exhibited a high mortality and significant decreases in body-weight as well as lower food intakes and higher food intake:weight gain ratios (P < 0.01). In(More)
1. Inclusion of raw faba bean (Vicia faba L., minor) in the diet of growing chickens was shown to affect the performance of the birds and to produce a significant increase in the relative weight of the pancreas. This was attributable to dietary trypsin inhibitors. 2. Trypsin inhibitors also produced degenerative changes in pancreatic acinar cells. These(More)
Changes in small intestinal morphology (jejunum) were examined at 28 d of age in chicks fed with full-fat sunflower kernels (FFSK)-based diets. Jejunal mucosa of chicks (six chicks per treatment) were embedded in Epon-812 for examination by a conventional electron microscope procedure. A portion of the tissues was also sectioned and embedded in paraffin for(More)
Male gray treefrogs call to attract females under challenging acoustic conditions. At higher chorus densities, there is considerable background noise and a good chance that a male's calls will often be overlapped by calls of other individuals. Call overlap may reduce the probability of mating because females prefer calls with internal pulse structure that(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Bronchospasm is occasionally observed following iodinated X-ray contrast medium administration. We performed an in vivo study in guinea pigs to investigate the effects of a number of iodinated contrast media on pulmonary airway resistance and the mechanisms underlying the potential bronchoconstrictor effect. METHODS The contrast(More)
The effects of the inclusion of raw and autoclaved whole faba beans (Vicia faba; RFB and AFB respectively) or faba bean fractions (cotyledons and hulls) in diets for growing broiler chickens (0-4 weeks of age) on performance, intestinal physiology and jejunal histological structure have been studied in three experiments. Significant decreases in body-weight(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess in animals the pharmacological tolerability for intravascular gadobenate dimeglumine. RESULTS Cardiovascular effects: In healthy animals no relevant effects were observed apart from slight and transient increases in cardiac output and decreases in systemic vascular resistance. In pigs with myocardial ischemia: doses up to 3.0 mmol/kg(More)