Mariska Leeflang

Geert-Jan Geersing2
Rene Spijker2
Karel Moons2
Peter Zuithoff2
2Geert-Jan Geersing
2Rene Spijker
2Karel Moons
2Peter Zuithoff
2Walter Bouwmeester
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BACKGROUND Severe leptospirosis features bleeding and multi-organ failure, leading to shock and death. Currently it is assumed that both exaggerated inflammation and immune suppression contribute to mortality in sepsis. Indeed, several proinflammatory cytokines are reported to be induced during leptospirosis. Toll-like receptors, which play an important(More)
BACKGROUND In drug development, a 4-phase hierarchical model for the clinical evaluation of new pharmaceuticals is well known. Several comparable phased evaluation schemes have been proposed for medical tests. PURPOSE To perform a systematic search of the literature, a synthesis, and a critical review of phased evaluation schemes for medical tests. DATA(More)
BACKGROUND The interest in prognostic reviews is increasing, but to properly review existing evidence an accurate search filer for finding prediction research is needed. The aim of this paper was to validate and update two previously introduced search filters for finding prediction research in Medline: the Ingui filter and the Haynes Broad filter. (More)
Before starting a new animal experiment, thorough analysis of previously performed experiments is essential from a scientific as well as from an ethical point of view. The method that is most suitable to carry out such a thorough analysis of the literature is a systematic review (SR). An essential first step in an SR is to search and find all potentially(More)
Systematic reviews are widely considered as the highest form of medical evidence , since they aim to be a repeatable, comprehensive, and unbiased summary of the existing literature. Because of the high cost of missing relevant studies, review authors go to great lengths to ensure all relevant literature is included. It is not atypical for a single review to(More)
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