Marisa de Cássia Registro Fonseca

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Injury conditions affecting the upper extremity may lead to severe functional impairment and an accurate evaluation is needed in order to select the most effective treatment in a rehabilitation program. This study focused on simultaneous electromyographic and kinematic analysis to assess movement patterns of upper extremity during a basic daily activity,(More)
The sciatic functional index (SFI) is a remarkable tool to assess dysfunction and functional recovery of the sciatic nerve of rats. Usually measured on hind foot imprints on paper, a new method is now being proposed, by direct analysis of video recorded foot sole images obtained with a treadmill-type walking belt machine functioning with gait speed control(More)
Impairment of Parkinson's disease (PD) axial motor signs (AMS) has been described as a risk factor for dementia. Executive dysfunction is an important feature in recently proposed clinical diagnostic criteria for PD dementia. To clarify the relationship between AMS progression and executive cognitive performance, we conducted a 6-year prospective study in(More)
PURPOSE The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of mobilization with movement and kinesiotherapy in the treatment of patients with lateral epicondylosis. METHODS This cases series included eight volunteers who had chronic lateral epicondylosis. The patients were treated with stretching, massage deep transverse at the lateral(More)
BACKGROUND Mirror therapy has been used as an alternative stimulus to feed the somatosensory cortex in an attempt to preserve hand cortical representation with better functional results. OBJECTIVE To analyze the short-term functional outcome of an early re-education program using mirror therapy compared to a late classic sensory program for hand nerve(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the profile of patients with humeral diaphyseal fractures in a tertiary hospital. METHODS We conducted a survey from January 2010 to July 2012, including data from patients classified under humeral diaphyseal fracture (S42.3) according to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10). The variables analyzed were: age,(More)
BACKGROUND Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common neuropathy in the upper extremity, resulting from the compression of the median nerve at wrist level. Clinical studies are essentials to present evidence on therapeutic resources use at early restoration on peripheral nerve functionality. Low-level laser therapy has been widely investigated in researches(More)
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