Marisa W. Paryasto

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Big data phenomenon arises from the increasing number of data collected from various sources, including the internet. Big data is not only about the size or volume. Big data posses specific characteristics (volume, variety, velocity, and value - 4V) that make it difficult to manage from security point of view. The evolution of data to become big data rises(More)
Due to the continuous advancement in technology, mobile devices are playing important role in everyone’s day to day life. Everyone is moving towards wireless mobile systems, but power consumption is an important concern in such devices. While designing, a lot of care has to be taken especially in power optimization because there is no regular power supply(More)
A novel method of concealing information is proposed. Encrypted data is mixed with noise to add the security. The cost of an attack increases linearly with the size of the added noise. Since generating noise is cheap, the size of noise can be as large as possible. However, there are issues in automatically detecting and separating noise in the intended(More)
The current practices of collecting information about market insight in music industry are through the sampling data collection using surveys, questionnaires and interviews. With the availibility of large-scale online conversation data, we can get faster; cheaper and more accurate data represent the actual phenomena of the market. The aim of this paper is(More)
In this work we propose the use of composite field to implement finite field multiplication, which will be use in ECC implementation. We use 299-bit keylength and GF((2<sup>13</sup>)<sup>23</sup>) is used instead of GF(2<sup>299</sup>). Composite field multiplier can be implemented using conventional multiplication operation or using LUT (Look-Up Table). In(More)
Market tight competition put pressure the companies to employ a new and faster way to support their marketing intelligence effort. The need of marketing intelligence includes gathering and analyzing data for confident decision making about market and its competition. Today, the abundant large scale data from online social network services has made possible(More)
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