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The pre-symbiotic phase that precedes physical contact between symbionts is a crucial phase in determining their compatibility, allowing the formation of the ectomycorrhiza. A subtractive cDNA(More)
Endophytic bacteria play a key role in the biocontrol of phytopathogenic microorganisms. In this study, genotypic diversity was analyzed via repetitive element PCR (rep-PCR) of endophytic isolates of(More)
AIMS To evaluate the diversity of endophytic fungi from the leaves of the common bean and the genetic diversity of endophytic fungi from the genus Colletotrichum using IRAP (inter-retrotransposon(More)
A second polygalacturonase-encoding gene (pgg2) of Penicillium griseoroseum was cloned and consists of an opening reading frame of 1107 bp after removal of two introns. The gene encodes a protein of(More)