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The central skull base is formed by the posterior aspect of the presphenoid anteriorly, the basisphenoid centrally, the greater wings of sphenoid laterally, and the dorsum sella and petrous ridges posteriorly. The sella turcica is a saddleshaped depression in the basisphenoid and houses the pituitary gland.1 The pituitary gland largely consists of 2 parts:(More)
BACKGROUND Osteonecrosis of the hip is a clinical, radiographic, and pathologic entity that commonly affects young patients. This study evaluates long-term implant survival and patient-reported outcomes after primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) in patients with osteonecrosis aged 35 or younger. METHODS A retrospective study with prospective follow-up was(More)
Tolman, Nicholas, "Combined effects of rearing environment and lead (Pb2+) exposure on visuospatial learning and memory in rats" ! "! Acknowledgements I would like to start by thanking the Neuroscience and Psychology departments for allowing me to carry out this study. Particularly I would like to thank Dr. Schroeder, my Thesis advisor, for investing large(More)
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