Marisa R Garcia

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To evaluate changes in capsular mechanisms and the labroligamentous complex with magnetic resonance arthrography (MRA) after shoulder surgery and to establish possible criteria for the expected post-operative appearance of the shoulder. MRA of the shoulder was performed in 16 patients, before and 6 months after undergoing arthroscopic surgery for recurrent(More)
New genetic profiles of domestic cat populations were studied in different parts of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. The t b frequency is the most outstanding differentiated factor between the populations analyzed. The low t b frequencies found in Barcelona and other Catalan localities are the most important characteristic of these populations and,(More)
PURPOSE Condensing osteitis of the clavicle is a rare benign disorder, seen exclusively in women and characterized by expansion and sclerosis of the medial end of the clavicle. The aim of this study was to evaluate the MR findings of this disorder. METHOD MR images, obtained in four patients with evidence of condensing osteitis of the clavicle based on(More)
The neuromuscular blocking effects of mivacurium during sevoflurane or halothane anaesthesia was studied in 38 paediatric patients aged 1-12 yr. All received premedication with midazolam, 0.5 po and an inhalational induction with up to 3 MAC of either agent in 70% N2O and O2. The ulnar nerve was stimulated at the wrist by a train-of-four stimulus(More)
INTRODUCTION The stress index (SI), a parameter derived from the shape of the pressure-time curve, can identify injurious mechanical ventilation. We tested the hypothesis that adjusting tidal volume (VT) to a non-injurious SI in an open lung condition avoids hypoventilation while preventing overdistension in an experimental model of combined lung injury and(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated whether individualized positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) improves oxygenation, ventilation, and lung mechanics during one-lung ventilation compared with standardized PEEP. METHODS Thirty patients undergoing thoracic surgery were randomly allocated to the study or control group. Both groups received an alveolar recruitment(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the value of MR imaging using a low-field imaging unit (0.2 T) for the evaluation of ligaments and tendons of the ankle. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twelve ankle specimens were studied using low-field MR imaging (0.2 T). The Achilles tendon, the tibialis posterior tendon, and the lateral collateral ligaments were evaluated for the presence(More)
Two Catalan cat populations (Spain) were analyzed. The genetic profiles of these Catalan populations are very homogeneous. The low q (t b) values are the most outstanding factor. These populations and two British cat populations were compared with different colonial settlement cat populations. A close genetic relationship was found between Catalan(More)
We report on optical and near-infrared observations obtained during and after the 2004 December discovery outburst of the X-ray transient and accretionpowered millisecond pulsar IGR J00291+5934. Our observations monitored the evolution of the brightness and the spectral properties of IGR J00291+5934 during the outburst decay towards quiescence. We also(More)