Marisa R Encarnação

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GlcNAc-1-phosphotransferase plays a key role in the generation of mannose 6-phosphate, a recognition marker essential for efficient transport of lysosomal hydrolases to lysosomes. The enzyme complex(More)
While being well known that the diagnosis of many genetic disorders relies on a combination of clinical suspicion and confirmatory genetic testing, not rarely, however, genetic testing needs much(More)
GlcNAc-1-phosphotransferase is a Golgi-resident 540-kDa complex of three subunits, alpha(2)beta(2)gamma(2), that catalyze the first step in the formation of the mannose 6-phosphate (M6P) recognition(More)
Mucolipidosis type III gamma (MLIII, pseudo-Hurler polydystrophy) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder where the activity of the multimeric GlcNAc-1-phosphotransferase is reduced and formation of(More)
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