Marisa Merino Hernandez

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OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical, immunologic, and psychosocial characteristics of children living with perinatally-acquired human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection beyond the age of 9 years. METHODS This is a descriptive cohort study of 42 surviving perinatally infected children older than 9 years followed at the Children's Hospital Acquired(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the clinical response to Tocilizumab (TCZ) in three patients with non-infectious uveitis refractory to anti-TNF-α drugs. METHODS Assessment of TCZ-treated patients with immune-mediated uveitis from two Spanish medical referral centers. Uveitis had been refractory to previous standard synthetic immunosuppressive drugs and at least(More)
Ageing, a constant rise in demand for healthcare, rapid and continuous technological and pharmacological innovation and a growing pressure on financial resources are some of the reasons for needing renewal in our health system. Chronic patients account for 80% of primary care consultations, 60% of hospital admissions and 70% of health expenditure, and their(More)
The complexity of animal life histories makes it difficult to predict the consequences of climate change on their populations. In this paper, we show, for the first time, that longer summer drought episodes, such as those predicted for the dry Mediterranean region under climate change, may bias insect population sex ratio. Many Mediterranean organisms, like(More)
Laboratory studies were developed to evaluate the compatibility of flufenoxuron and azadirachtin with Beauveria bassiana against Tetranychus urticae larvae along with the required Probit analysis of the involved chemicals on all of the life stages of this mite. Flufenoxuron displayed parallel regression lines for the mortality of eggs, deutonymphs and(More)
Birth weight of 1,134 twin pairs have been studied in the Maternity "La Paz" (Madrid) along years 1969-74. Mean weight among twin pairs of the like sex is 2,493.78 +/- 20.89 for males and 2,425.16 +/- 19.16 for females. Among the unlike sexes the means were 2,631.07 +/- 28.38 for males and 2,488.16 +/- 26.05 for females. Differences among the means were all(More)
Urticaria pigmentosa (UP) is the most frequent clinical feature of cutaneous mastocytosis. It usually begins in a bimodal way: a peak of incidence from birth to the age of 3 and the other one between 2(nd) and 6(th) decades of life. Darier's sign is constant over the affected skin without affecting the surrounding skin. When UP starts early, it has a good(More)