Marisa Linnea Peralta

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The serotonergic Retzius neurons of the leech midbody ganglia respond in a complex manner to pressure pulses of acetylcholine (ACh) applied onto their soma with a fast depolarization followed by a slower hyperpolarization and an additional delayed long-lasting depolarization. The delayed depolarization is the subject of the present study. The delayed(More)
Cyber-physical systems comprise digital components that directly interact with a physical environment. Specifying the behavior <i>desired</i> of such systems requires analytical modeling of physical phenomena. Similarly, testing them requires simulation of continuous systems. While numerous tools support later stages of developing simulation codes, there is(More)
Haptic feedback can be a critical component of virtual environments used in cognitive research, rehabilitation, military training, and entertainment.&#x0A0;&#x0A0;A limiting factor in the innovation and the acceptance of virtual environments with haptic feedback is the time and cost required to build them.&#x0A0;&#x0A0;This paper presents a development(More)
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