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The purpose of this study was to investigate the risk factors associated with lung cancer in Hong Kong. Three hundred and thirty-one histologically or cytologically proven consecutive cases of lung cancer and the same number of in- and out-patients without cancer matched for age and sex were recruited for this study using a detailed questionnaire completed(More)
AIMS To examine risk factors of preterm delivery (PTD) among Thai women. METHODS Our case-control study included 467 term controls and 467 PTD cases. PTD was studied in aggregate and in subgroups (i.e. spontaneous preterm labor and delivery [SPTD], preterm premature rupture of membrane [PPROM], medically indicated preterm delivery [MIPTD], moderate(More)
An assay has been developed that permits analysis of repair of A/G mismatches to C.G base pairs in cell extracts of Salmonella typhimurium LT2. This A/G mismatch repair is independent of ATP, dam methylation, and mutS gene function. The gene product of mutB has been shown to be involved in the dam-independent pathway through the in vitro assay. Moreover,(More)
The Comparative Activity of Carbapenems Testing (COMPACT) Study was designed to determine the in vitro potency of doripenem compared with imipenem and meropenem against a large number of contemporary Gram-negative pathogens from more than 100 centres across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region and to assess the reliability of Etest methodology for doripenem(More)
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