Marisa E. Campbell

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The applicability of a continuous model description of the blood lactate concentration [( La-]) vs. O2 uptake (VO2) relationship was studied in nine healthy male volunteers during three different ramp exercise protocols. The work rate was increased at either 8, 15, or 50 W/min. The continuous model for [La-] = â + b exp(ĉVO2) was compared statistically with(More)
When the nutritional level of sheep is restricted, the staple crimp frequency of the resultant fleece increases substantially whereas the cystine and high-sulphur protein contents decrease. This is in marked contrast to the direct relationship between crimp frequency and cystine content among sheep. These observations can be reconciled by assuming that(More)
Human peripheral blood monocytes have been purified by Ficoll-Hypaque density gradient centrifugation and adherence to plastic dishes, and assayed for elastolytic activity using insoluble [3H]elastin. Approximately 5-10 micrograms of elastin are solubilized at pH 7.5 per mg protein per h. The specific activity in monocytes varies between 3 and 15% of that(More)
A group of usability professionals from industry, academia, and government has formed a working group to decide whether usability certification is viable, and if so to determine the criteria for certification, the certification process, and the scope and mission of a certification consortium. The group of 13, including delegates from the United States, the(More)
HCI 2000 is the 14th Annual Conference of the British HCI Group and will cover all main areas of HCI research and practice. However, it will focus on usability engineering for e-business. While HCI approaches have penetrated many application areas, bringing clear benefits over the last decade, electronic business will nail down usability as an essential(More)
Proposals for Participation All submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed by at least three members from the international program committees. All submissions will be handled through the Conference Web site. Parallel paper presentations will be published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. in a multi-volume edition in hard cover. The abstracts of the(More)