Marisa Cristina Leite Santos Genelhu

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The immunohistochemical expression of p63, DeltaNp63, and p53 was studied in mixed tumors of canine mammary glands (13 benign mixed tumors and 19 carcinomas arising from benign mixed tumors) to(More)
INTRODUCTION In some orthodontic patients, an oral inflammatory response is induced by corrosion of orthodontic appliances and subsequent nickel release. This inflammatory response is manifested as(More)
Beta-catenin plays a central role in cadherin/catenin cell-cell adhesion complex and is involved in cell signaling pathway. Change in beta-catenin distribution has been associated with several human(More)
Alteration of the p63 protein expression has been associated with several human cancers including salivary gland tumors. We sought to assess the p63 expression in pleomorphic adenomas (PA) and(More)
We describe the use of a plant cysteine proteinase isolated from latex of Carica candamarcensis as a protective agent during isolation of bacterial DNA following growth in culture of these cells.(More)
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