Marisa Coelho

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Adipose tissue is no longer considered to be an inert tissue that stores fat. This tissue is capable of expanding to accommodate increased lipids through hypertrophy of existing adipocytes and by initiating differentiation of pre-adipocytes. Adipose tissue metabolism exerts an impact on whole-body metabolism. As an endocrine organ, adipose tissue is(More)
In this review, we aimed to present and discuss the available preclinical and epidemiological evidences regarding the modulation of cancer cell proliferation by β-adrenoceptors (β-AR), with a specific focus on the putative effects of β-blockers according to their pharmacological properties. A comprehensive review of the published literature was conducted,(More)
Catecholamines (CA) play an important role in cardiovascular (CDV) disease risk. Namely, noradrenaline (NA) levels positively correlate whereas adrenaline (AD) levels negatively correlate with obesity and/or CDV disease. Western diets, which are tipically rich in Ω-6 fatty acids (FAs) and deficient in Ω-3 FAs, may contribute to the development of obesity,(More)
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