Marisa Bonini

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A new proof of perturbative renormalizability and infrared finiteness for a scalar massless theory is obtained from a formulation of renormalized field theory based on the Wilson renormalization group. The loop expansion of the renormalized Green functions is deduced from the Polchinski equation of renormalization group. The resulting Feynman graphs are(More)
The most relevant results include the increasingly detailed correspondence between states in this theory with string states on AdS5×S, the technical improvements in the evaluation of the anomalous dimension of operators which led to the discovery of quantum integrability, some unexpected relations with high energy sectors of quantum chromodynamics. We(More)
By using the exact renormalization group formulation we prove perturbatively the Slavnov-Taylor (ST) identities in SU(2) Yang-Mills theory. This results from two properties: locality, i.e. the ST identities are valid if their local part is valid; solvability, i.e. the local part of ST identities is valid if the couplings of the effective action with(More)