Marios Zikos

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Layer-4 load balancing is fundamental to creating scale-out web services. We designed and implemented Ananta, a scale-out layer-4 load balancer that runs on commodity hardware and meets the performance, reliability and operational requirements of multi-tenant cloud computing environments. Ananta combines existing techniques in routing and distributed(More)
DIPE is a distributed environment that provides image processing services over integrated teleradiology services networks. DIPE integrates existing and new image processing software and employs sophisticated execution scheduling mechanisms for the efficient management of computational resources within a distributed environment. It can also be extended to(More)
This report presents Plegma, a market-based, network-centric agent architecture to support integrated information processing services in Intranets and Extranets. The Plegma architecture is inherently scalable from secure Intranets to large-scale Internet applications. Distributed autonomous agents, responsible for local resources and specific processing(More)
Visual information processing is a rather mature and rich field. An impressive amount of image and video processing algorithms are currently available for a great variety of applications. There is also a considerable number of software packages, either commercial products or academic shareware, ranging from dedicated systems aiming at solving very specific(More)
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