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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to present an approach to evaluating contributions in collaborative authoring environments and in particular wikis using social network measures. Design / methodology / approach – A social network model for wikipedia has been constructed and metrics of importance such as centrality have been defined. Data have been(More)
The purpose of this study is to define a bibliometric indicator of the scientific impact of a journal, which combines objectivity with the ability to bridge many different bibliometric factors and in particular the side factors presented along with celebrated ISI impact factor. The particular goal is to determine a standard threshold value in which an(More)
In this paper we investigate the problem of classification between sports and news broadcasting. We detect and classify files that consist of speech and music or background noise (news broadcasting), and speech and a noisy background (sports broadcasting). More specifically, this study investigates feature extraction and training and classification(More)
BACKGROUND Power-spectrum and coherence analysis of the EEG has often been applied in the study of various forms of brain dysfunction. The examination of differences in intra-hemispheric coherence and a novel method based on auto-cross-correlation algorithms between the left and right hemispheres of the same EEG are investigated in this paper. (More)
This work presents an adapted version of the Computational Geometry Algorithm (CGA) used for the development of audio-based applications and services. The CGA algorithm analyses an audio stream and produces a unique set of points that can be considered to be the audio data " fingerprint ". It is shown that this fingerprint is coding-independent, a fact that(More)