Marios Kougias

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BACKGROUND Debate exists over the scientific evidence for claims that electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have no health-related ramifications. This study aimed to assess whether using an e-cigarette for 5 min has an impact on the pulmonary function tests and fraction of exhaled nitric oxide (Feno) of healthy adult smokers. METHODS Thirty healthy smokers(More)
INTRODUCTION Smoking is known to have a long-term impact on lung function; however, the acute physiological response of smoking a single cigarette and the influential role of pack years and cigarettes per day on pulmonary indices remains an area of interest, especially among young smokers. METHODS 50 naive smokers (ages: 18-26, 24 males: mean pack years(More)
1. Exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS) can occur in many places; however, regulations banning smoking may reduce the sources of exposure to SHS to personal areas such as the family car, a source of brief but potently intense exposure. 2. Fifteen non-smoking volunteers were exposed to sidestream SHS concentrations of 5000 µg/m(3), within a simulated car(More)
Pyomyositis is a rarely encountered infection among diabetics, which usually affects lower extremities. Herein, we present a case of lower extremities and iliopsoas pyomyositis with concurrent septic arthritis and spinal epidural abscess in a patient with poorly controlled diabetes mellitus.
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