Marios Iliopoulos

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The increasing demand of networking applications has imposed a new category of electronic circuits that integrate powerful CPU processing, networking and system support functions in a single, low cost chip. These integrated circuits, called Network Processors, are optimized for tasks such as access protocol implementation, data queuing and forwarding,(More)
Inefficient resources utilization is met in various embedded communication devices, which are based on standard processor cores and custom hardware modules. This paper addresses the inefficient resources utilization problem in MAC processor designs and presents a solution that is based on reconfigurable processor architecture and on dynamic-static(More)
The extensive use of reconfigurable computing devices has imposed a new category of processors, the dynamic instruction set processors (DISPs) that customize their instruction sets dynamically to the application needs. One of the major drawbacks of DISPs is the reconfiguration time needed to alter the instruction set, which is directly added to the program(More)
The aim of rapid development of communication systems is to automate the process of transforming the high level description of a protocol into hardware and software that would implement the actual system. This paper describes a methodology used to implement medium access protocols based on a microprocessor core and a general parameterized architecture which(More)
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