Marios D. Dikaiakos

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Grids are emerging as a promising solution for resource and computation demanding applications. However, the heterogeneity of resources in Grid computing, complicates resource management and scheduling of applications. In addition, the commercialization of the Grid requires policies that can take into account user requirements, and budget considerations in(More)
Cloud computing is a disruptive technology with profound implications not only for Internet services but also for the IT sector as a whole. Its emergence promises to streamline the on-demand provisioning of software, hardware, and data as a service, achieving economies of scale in IT solutions' deployment and operation. This issue's articles tackle topics(More)
Recent advances in wireless inter-vehicle communication systems enable the development of Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANET) and create significant opportunities for the deployment of a wide variety of vehicular applications and services. In this paper, we introduce the Vehicular Information Transfer Protocol (VITP), an application-layer communication(More)
Recent advances in wireless inter-vehicle communication systems enable the establishment of Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET) and create significant opportunities for the deployment of a wide variety of applications and services to vehicles. In this work, we investigate the problem of developing services that can provide car drivers with time-sensitive(More)
In thki paper we describe PKDGRAV, a parallel hierarchical tree-structured code used to conduct cosmological simulations on shared-memory and message-passing multiprocessors. We explore performance traits of cosmological N-Body simulations on 32K to 1.3 million particles, running PKDGRAV on KSR-2 and Intel Paragon multiprocessors with up to 128 nodes. We(More)
In this paper, we present a characterization study of search-engine crawlers. For the purposes of our work, we use Web-server access logs from five academic sites in three different countries. Based on these logs, we analyze the activity of different crawlers that belong to five search engines: Google, AltaVista, Inktomi, FastSearch and CiteSeer. We compare(More)
We present a query formulation language (called MashQL) in order to easily query and fuse structured data on the web. The main novelty of MashQL is that it allows people with limited IT skills to explore and query one (or multiple) data sources without prior knowledge about the schema, structure, vocabulary, or any technical details of these sources. More(More)
Over the past decade, Cloud Computing has rapidly become a widely accepted paradigm with core concepts such as elasticity, scalability and on demand automatic resource provisioning emerging as next generation Cloud service-must have-properties. Automatic resource provisioning for Cloud applications is not a trivial task, requiring for both the applications(More)
Vehicular ad hoc networks have emerged recently as a platform to support intelligent inter-vehicle communication and improve traffic safety and performance. The road-constrained and high mobility of the vehicles, their unbounded power source, and the emergence of roadside wireless infrastructures make VANETs a challenging research topic. A key to the(More)