Mariona Hernández

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The goal of this work was to study the mechanical behavior of concrete with recycled Polyethylene Therephtalate (PET), varying the water/cement ratio (0.50 and 0.60), PET content (10 and 20 vol%) and the particle size. Also, the influence of the thermal degradation of PET in the concrete was studied, when the blends were exposed to different temperatures(More)
Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) was used to quantify the ammonia-oxidizing populations within intact biofilm samples collected from a full-scale nitrifying trickling filter (NTF). Ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate concentrations were measured for aqueous samples taken in conjunction with biofilm samples at multiple filter depths. Correlation(More)
The buoyancy suppression by low energy sonication (LES) treatment (0.8W·mL-1, 20kHz, 10s) has recently been proposed as an initial harvesting step for Arthrospira sp. This paper aims to describe the structural changes in Arthrospira sp. after LES treatment and to present how these structural changes affect the results obtained by different analytical(More)
The Llobregat Delta Aquifer has historically been a strategic water supply resource to the Barcelona metropolitan area. The use of river water combined with the exploitation of groundwater resources during dry periods has enabled the demographic and economic growth of the Barcelona area during the last fifty years. The aquifer overexploitation has entailed(More)
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