Marion van Rijssel

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The molecular structures of the three main haemolytic compounds (Fj1, Fj2 and Fj3) isolated from the ichthyotoxic microalgal species Fibrocapsa japonica have been investigated by NMR, LC-ESI-MS, ESI-MS-MS, IR, GC-MS and GC-HRMS methods. They are polyunsaturated fatty acids which we identified as: 6,9,12,15-octadecatetraenoic acid (OTA, C18:4omega3),(More)
The algal storage glucan laminarin is one of the most abundant carbon sources for marine prokaryotes. Its degradation was investigated in bacteria isolated during and after a spring phytoplankton bloom in the coastal North Sea. On average, 13% of prokaryotes detected by epifluorescence counts were able to grow in Most Probable Number dilution series on(More)
The enzymes pectin methylesterase and polygalacturonate hydrolase, which are responsible for the initial steps of pectin degradation by Clostridium thermosaccharolyticum, were shown to be induced on the polymeric substrates pectin and pectate, as well as on oligogalacturonates, and to be repressed in the presence of glucose. The digalacturonate and(More)
An extracellular protein complex was isolated from the supernatant of a pectin-limited continuous culture of Clostridium thermosaccharolyticum Haren. The complex possessed both pectin methylesterase (EC and exo-poly-alpha-galacturonate hydrolase (EC activity and produced digalacturonate from the nonreducing end of the pectin chain. The(More)
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