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This paper summarises the contributions of the teams at the Turku to the news translation tasks for translating from and to Finnish. Our models address the problem of treating morphology and data coverage in various ways. We introduce a new efficient tool for word alignment and discuss factori-sations, gappy language models and re-inflection techniques for(More)
BACKGROUND Non-adherence should always be investigated when there is a failure in bipolar treatments, since it is known that reported non-adherence rates in bipolar disorder treatment for long-term prophylactic pharmacotherapy range from 18% to 52%, with a median prevalence of 44.7%. Several factors are related to the poor adherence and reduction of(More)
We explore two approaches to model complement types (NPs and PPs) in an English-to-German SMT system: A simple abstract representation inserts pseudo-prepositions that mark the beginning of noun phrases, to improve the symmetry of source and target complement types, and to provide a flat structural information on phrase boundaries. An extension of this(More)
In this paper, we address the automatic induction of synonym paraphrases for the empirically challenging class of German particle verbs. Similarly to Cocos and Callison-Burch (2016), we incorporate a graph-based clustering approach for word sense discrimination into an existing paraphrase extraction system, (i) to improve the precision of synonym(More)
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