Marion Rumpf

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Restoration of anthropogenically eutrophied lake ecosystems is difficult due to feedback mechanisms that stabilize the trophically degraded state. Here, we show rapid recovery of a eutrophic stratified lake in response to multiple restoration that targeted the feedback mechanisms of high external and internal nutrient loads, lack of a trophic cascade, and(More)
During embryonic development of homeothermic animals like birds and mammals transition from ectothermy to endothermy occurs especially in precocial species of both taxa. Based on some evolutionary aspects of the development of endothermy the review focuses on the prenatal development of endothermy and of the thermoregulatory system using the precocial bird(More)
Planning for development of a national or regional psychiatrist workforce that is the appropriate size must consider numerous issues. They include the dynamics of workforce distribution, effects of managed care, reduction in potential residency slots, participation of international medical graduates, apathy toward the field of psychiatry, service area(More)
In this review the development of acoustic communication between embryos or between embryos and chicks as well as between embryos/chicks and the breeding parents will be addressed. Special emphasis is given to the impact of embryonic acoustic signals for hatching synchronization. In the Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata L. f. domestica) clicking sound(More)
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