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This paper describes the application of an improved nonlinear principal component analysis (PCA) to the detection of faults in polymer extrusion processes. Since the processes are complex in nature and nonlinear relationships exist between the recorded variables, an improved nonlinear PCA, which incorporates the radial basis function (RBF) networks and(More)
Extrusion is one of the most important production methods in the plastics industry and is involved in the production of a large number of plastics commodities. Being an energy intensive production method, process energy efficiency is of major concern and selection of the most energy efficient processing conditions is a key aim to reduce operating costs.(More)
— Polymer extrusion is one of the final forming stages in the production of many polymeric products in a variety of applications. It is also an intermediate processing step in injection moulded, blown film, thermo-formed, and blow moulded products. However, polymer extrusion is a complex process which is difficult to set up, monitor, and control. As a(More)
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