Marion Hermersdorf

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The prevalence of lifestyle-related health problems is increasing rapidly. Many of the diseases and health risks could be prevented or alleviated by making changes toward healthier lifestyles. We have developed the Wellness Diary (WD), a concept for personal and mobile wellness management based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Two implementations of(More)
The abundance of short-range radios, such as Bluetooth, in the current office and urban environments opens up new possibilities for data modeling and analysis. Although individual devices are constantly moving and active only sporadically , various environments have specific statistical characteristics. Mobile handsets are often personal in nature, so the(More)
Personal identification and using that information is in the heart of many ubiquitous systems. We present two complementary techniques, namely personal identification without directly observing the subject, and using that information for understanding the social relations between the subjects. We show that with certain presumptions it is possible to predict(More)
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