Marion Hannemann

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beta-Cell transcription factor genes are important in the pathophysiology of the beta-cell, with mutations in hepatocyte nuclear factor (HNF)-1alpha, HNF-4alpha, insulin promoter factor (IPF)-1, HNF-1beta, and NeuroD1/BETA2, all resulting in early-onset type 2 diabetes. We assessed the relative contribution of these genes to early-onset type 2 diabetes(More)
Fetal growth is influenced by genetic factors as well as the intra-uterine environment. We hypothesised that some genetic factors may alter fetal insulin secretion and insulin action. To assess this, we analysed plasma insulin concentration in umbilical cord blood from 644 normal, term, UK Caucasian deliveries from the Exeter Family Study of Childhood(More)
BACKGROUND Samoans experience among the worst five-year breast cancer survival rates in the U.S., largely due to late stage diagnosis. There is great potential for screening interventions to reduce cancer mortality among Samoans. This paper examines the effectiveness of a culturally and linguistically tailored breast cancer education workshop for Samoan and(More)
Bone healing is considered as a recapitulation of a developmental program initiated at the time of injury. This study tested the hypothesis that in delayed bone healing the regular cascade of healing events, including remodeling of woven to lamellar bone, would be similar compared to standard healing, although the temporal onset would be delayed. A tibial(More)
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