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In a mental rotation task, children 5 and 6 years of age and adults had to decide as quickly as possible if a photograph of a hand showed a left or a right limb. The visually presented hands were left and right hands in palm or in back view, presented in four different angles of rotation. Participants had to give their responses with their own hands either(More)
PURPOSE To investigate concentrations of growth factors and inflammatory cytokines in eyes with central (CRVO) and branch (BRVO) retinal vein occlusion before and during therapy with bevacizumab and to identify associations with disease activity. METHODS In a prospective clinical trial, 13 eyes of patients with CRVO (n = 5) or BRVO (n = 8) were included.(More)
We compared motor imagery performance of normally limbed individuals with that of individuals with one or both hands missing since birth (i.e., hand amelia). To this aim, 14 unilaterally and 2 bilaterally amelic participants performed a task requiring the classification of hands depicted in different degrees of rotation as either a left or a right hand. On(More)
Execution and imagination of movement activate distinct neural circuits, partially overlapping in premotor and parietal areas, basal ganglia and cerebellum. Can long-term deafferented/deefferented patients still differentiate attempted from imagined movements? The attempted execution and motor imagery network of foot movements have been investigated in nine(More)
For 3 ≤ k ≤ 20 with k = 4, 8, 12, all the smallest currently known k–regular graphs of girth 5 have the same orders as the girth 5 graphs obtained by the following construction: take a (not necessarily Desarguesian) elliptic semiplane S of order n − 1 where n = k − r for some r ≥ 1; the Levi graph Γ (S) of S is an n–regular graph of girth 6; parallel(More)
The gene for the human dolichol cycle GlcNAc-1-P transferase (ALG7/GPT) was cloned by screening a human lung fibroblast cDNA library. The library was constructed in a Saccharomyces cerevisiae expression vector, and the positive clone was identified by complementation of the conditional lethal S.cerevisiae strain YPH-A7-GAL. This strain was constructed by(More)
Increasing evidence suggests that the visual analysis of other people's actions depends upon the observer's own body representation or schema. This raises the question of how differences in observers' body structure and schema impact their perception of human movement. We investigated the visual experiences of two persons born without arms, one with and the(More)
The development of factor VIII:C inhibitors remains one of the most serious complications of repeated transfusion in patients with haemophilia A. The proportion of patients affected has been reported to range from 3.6% to 25%, but these figures have been derived mainly from retrospective data and from total numbers of known haemophiliacs instead of number(More)
There is much confusion over which malaria chemoprophylaxis should be used in areas such as East Africa. We did two consecutive studies between 1985 and 1991 to assess the efficacy and side-effects of malaria chemoprophylaxis in short-term travellers to East Africa. All passengers returning from Kenya to Europe received an in-flight questionnaire and a(More)