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Six Degrees of Information: Using Social Network Analysis to Explore the Spread of Information Within Sport Social Networks
Sport industry groups including athletes, teams, and leagues use Twitter to share information about and promote their products. The purpose of this study was to explore how sporting event organizersExpand
“Pick and choose our battles” – Understanding organizational capacity in a sport for development and peace organization
A growing number of sport for development and peace (SDP) organizations seek to address social issues through sport. Hall et al. (2003) created a multidimensional framework that suggests SDP andExpand
Twitter as a Communication Tool for Nonprofits
Previous research suggests sport-for-development organizations strategically aim to engage people through social media in hopes of generating increased offline support (Thorpe & Rinehart, 2013).Expand
Pin It
The social media platform Pinterest has emerged as a popular virtual space to showcase content found online (Hempel, 2012). Encouraging users to “pin” and comment on content featuring sports-relatedExpand
From Yellow to Blue
This research explored how Lance Armstrong utilized image repair strategies during 2012 and early 2013. This time frame represented a turbulent period in his career, as he faced a dopingExpand
Gainline Africa: a case study of sport-for-development organizations and the role of organizational relationship building via social media.
Sport organizations can use social media to build relationships with current and potential stakeholders. These opportunities are pertinent for smaller niche and sport-for-development-and-peace (SDP)Expand
'It's incredible – trust me': exploring the role of celebrity athletes as marketers in online social networks
Sport marketers have acknowledged the popularity of online social networks, but have struggled with transforming them into viable revenue generators. Using celebrity athletes to promote products viaExpand
Covering the Scandal in 140 Characters: A Case Study of Twitter’s Role in Coverage of the Penn State Saga
This case study explored how sports journalists used Twitter to cover allegations about former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky sexually abusing young boys. A contentExpand
Exploring how external stakeholders shape social innovation in sport for development and peace
Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine how innovative SDP organizations’ interactions with external stakeholders influence the social innovation process. Innovation represents theExpand
Using social network analysis to investigate interorganizational relationships and capacity building within a sport for development coalition
Abstract Sport for development (SFD) agencies often face issues with resource dependency, where they encounter resource deficiencies and rely upon other organizations to build capacity and attainExpand