Marion Durand-Gillmann

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Managing forests under climate change requires adaptation. The adaptive capacity of forest tree populations is huge but not limitless. Integrating evolutionary considerations into adaptive forestry practice will enhance the capacity of managed forests to respond to climate-driven changes. Focusing on natural regeneration systems, we propose a general(More)
The effects of leaf inclination on plant light capture, growth, and water balance of monospecific canopies are well documented, but we still lack information on such effects in the case of multispecific canopies. We investigated the effects of leaf inclination on the absorption of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) of a mixed forest. We ran a 3D(More)
In the Mediterranean area, numerous decline and mortality processes have been reported during recent decades, affecting forest dynamics. They are likely due to increases in summer drought severity and therefore especially affect drought-sensitive species, such as silver fir (Abies alba Mill.). To understand the relationships between tree growth, crown(More)
In recent decades, there have been increasing reports of forest decline, especially in Mediterranean forest ecosystems. Decline in tree vitality is usually due to complex interactions between abiotic factors and biotic agents that attack weakened trees. Estimating dendrometrical characteristics [basal area increment (BAI), age at DBH from tree ring(More)
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