Marion Delehaye

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Superconductivity and superfluidity of fermionic and bosonic systems are remarkable many-body quantum phenomena. In liquid helium and dilute gases, Bose and Fermi superfluidity has been observed separately, but producing a mixture in which both the fermionic and the bosonic components are superfluid is challenging. Here we report on the observation of such(More)
mRNAs were isolated from 2 patients suffering from a familial form of a rare variant of medullary carcinoma of the thyroid (MTC), called mixed follicular and medullary carcinoma. The presence of calcitonin (CT) and thyroglobulin (Tg) mRNAs was checked by northern and in situ hybridization and compared with immunohistochemical results. In each case, mRNAs(More)
We have recently identified in medullary thyroid carcinoma the existence of a second calcitonin messenger, generated by a splicing between the 3' coding region of exon 4 and exon 5 of Calc I gene. It differs from the first one in its 3' coding sequence and codes for a calcitonin precursor which generates the same N terminal peptide, calcitonin and a(More)
We present an experimental investigation of the dynamic spin response of a strongly interacting Fermi gas using Bragg spectroscopy. By varying the detuning of the Bragg lasers, we show that it is possible to measure the response in the spin and density channels separately. At low Bragg energies, the spin response is suppressed due to pairing, whereas the(More)
The aging WAG/Rij rats (a Wistar derived strain) develop spontaneously medullary thyroid carcinoma with a high frequency (50%). We have studied calcitonin biosynthesis in Wistar and WAG/Rij rats strains in order to determine if early changes in this parameter occurred in the WAG/Rij strain. Thyroidal and plasma CT levels were measured in three months old(More)
Calcitonin, the hypocalcemic hypophosphatemic hormone, is synthesized by the thyroidal C cells in mammals. The sequences of its gene (Jonas et a1.,1985) and the biosynthetic precursor (Jacobs et a1.,1981) is established in rats. In vivo administration of calcium, a potent calcitonin (CT) secretagogue, to rats induces a rapid increase in the translational(More)
C-cells tumours are frequent (50%) in old WAG/Rij rats. In comparison to the original Wistar strain, three month old WAG/Rij rats are characterized by higher calcitonin synthesis and secretion, in addition to a genetically transmitted loss of calcitonin binding sites in the outer renal medulla. In order to determine if the increase of calcitonin gene(More)
We study three-body recombination in an ultracold Bose-Fermi mixture. We first show theoretically that, for weak interspecies coupling, the loss rate is proportional to Tan's contact. Second, using a ^{7}Li/^{6}Li mixture we probe the recombination rate in both the thermal and dual superfluid regimes. We find excellent agreement with our model in the(More)
We study the dynamics of counterflowing bosonic and fermionic lithium atoms. First, by tuning the interaction strength we measure the critical velocity v(c) of the system in the BEC-BCS crossover in the low temperature regime and we compare it to the recent prediction of Castin et al., C. R. Phys. 16, 241 (2015). Second, raising the temperature of the(More)